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Webb Core Cleanroom Products

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Our Products

Webb Core cleanroom products are high quality and simple to assemble. Our lightweight aluminum honeycomb composite panels and modular systems provide versatility and durability.

Uses include, but aren't limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
  • Commercial Laboratories
  • Environmental Enclosures
  • Fabrication Laboratories
  • Industrial Cleanrooms
  • Server Rooms
  • ... and More

different thicknesses of cleanroom honeycomb panels

Cleanroom Aluminum Panels

Cleanroom wall and ceiling panels are constructed from aluminum and sandwiched over a honeycomb core.

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cleanroom wall panel system

Clean room Wall Panel Systems

Webb Core cleanroom wall panel systems are designed with flexibility in mind. The systems are quick to assemble and meet top engineering standards.

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single sided quarter inch wall

Single Sided 1/4" Cleanroom Honeycomb Wall Panel Systems

Best used when there is no existing wall and a clean space is required only on one side.

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double sided quarter inch wall

Double Sided 1/4" Cleanroom Honeycomb Wall Panel Systems

Maintains a cleanroom surface on both sides with a cavity between panels for conduits and accesories.

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double sided two inch wall

Double Sided 2" Cleanroom Honeycomb Wall Panel Systems

Economical two sided cleanroom finish utilizing 1.88 inch honeycomb panel.

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veneer quarter inch wall

Veneer 1/4" Cleanroom Honeycomb Wall Panel Systems

Cleanroom finish over fire paper, partitions, building envelopes, liner walls and more.

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cleanroom aluminum double door

Aluminum Doors

Webb Core aluminum cleanroom doors compliment all panel wall systems. They are a durable, cost effective solution.

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walkable cleanroom ceiling panels

Walkable Ceiling Panels

The primary application for our walkable ceiling panels is for cleanrooms. However, they can be used in many other industrial applications.

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Modular Shelters

A quick, easy and cost-effective way to add space. Each aluminum panel is precision cut and labeled before it is packed and shipped.

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Display Panels & Exhibits

Find a wide selection of display aluminum honeycomb panels cut to fit your needs. Panels are lightweight and durable.

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Dry Erase White Boards

Our aluminum panel dry ease boards make it easy to change information as often as necessary. Panels are custom cut to your specific size.

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Projector Surface

Fixed or portable our honeycomb aluminum panel screens provide a contemporary theater-like appearance. Viewing surface is flat giving you a better picture quality.

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archival-quality aluminum art boards

Archival Art Boards

We produce the finest aluminum honeycomb panels for displaying and organizing your art. Makes storing and preserving art easier.

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Interior Wall or Ceiling Decoration

Our decorative plastic laminate panels utilize aluminum honeycomb cores to increase structural strength.

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High Rise Building Cladding

Webb Core's aluminum honeycomb panel will be providing a flat surface for cladding material.

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Machinery & Instrument Enclosures

We produce controlled environment structures. They are non-outgassing and anti-static conductive.

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Cleanroom Panels
  • Cleanroom Wall Panel Systems & Ceiling Panels
  • Structural Applications
  • Up to a Sub-Class 1 Environment
  • Variety of Wall Panel Systems
  • Designed to meet all requirements for new and existing facilities
  • Ability to integrate with existing modular cleanroom wall panel systems
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Anti-static Conductivity
  • Lightweight Aluminum
  • High Strength
  • Non-Outgassing