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Custom Applications

cleanroom sandwich panels provide a variety of solutions

Webb Core cleanroom lightweight sandwich panels can serve a vast number of applications. Webb Core panels provide a solution to any project that requires increased strength while maintaining a lightweight characteristic.

  • Modular Shelters - Are a fast, easy and cost-effective way to add space. Each aluminum panel is precision cut and labeled before it is packed and shipped.
  • Marine Panels - Ideal uses includes decorative joiner panels lining, ceiling, furniture and fixtures made from honeycomb aluminum panels.
  • Display Panels & Exhibits - Webb Core offers a wide selection of display aluminum honeycomb panels cut to fit your needs.
  • Dry Erase White Boards - Our aluminum panel dry ease boards make it easy to change information as often as necessary. Custom cut to your specific size.
  • Projector Surface - Whether fixed or portable our honeycomb aluminum panel screens provide a contemporary theater like appearance Viewing surface is flat giving you a better picture quality.
  • Archival Art Boards - Webb Core produces the finest aluminum honeycomb panels for displaying and organizing your art. Also makes storing art easy.
  • Interior Wall or Ceiling Decoration - Plastic laminate utilizing aluminum honeycomb to increase structural strength.
  • High Rise Building Cladding - Webb Core's aluminum honeycomb panel will be providing a flat surface for cladding material.
  • Machinery & Instrument Enclosures - Cleanroom walls for many environments utilizing aluminum honey comb panels.